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Bloom Your Money, Your Life: A Common Sense Guide to Building Your Personal Wealth Ecosystem

This is a really great read. It is probably the first finance book that was easy for me to make it through. There are pictures and stories from the author's life. The stories help to connect finance to "real life". There are a lot of fill in the blank sections that helped me get clear on my financial goals and put them in writing. Some great tips, a clear focus, tools to move forward and some awesome quotes.

Hey Thomas, I have been looking for you for 10 years!

This book goes straight to the point "directly" with a smooth and powerful delivery. There is no fluff, yet the personal stories make the information easily digestible. After reading this, I feel a strong sense of financial empowerment and I'm excited to apply the Bloom Strategies for wealth-building.

Dancing_Mama   5.0 out of 5 stars  "Wealth of Knowledge"

This book was very insightful and it changed my perspective on money. I was pleasantly surprised in my transformation of thinking. Thomas brings a fresh and unique approach to the financial conversation.