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A balance sheet is the #1 tool the wealthy use. TheBloomBalance Sheet will assist you in creating a snapshot of where you are right now; the balance sheet is all about your financial inventory. This can be updated annually so you can track your progress.
There is a reason why all business owners and corporations do this –it works!


Here you will check off what financial services you are currently using. Write down any fixed costs or fees associated with those services, and indicate if there are any discounts or bonuses for specific minimum balances.


This workbook is truly the first step towards understanding your cash flow. The questions are designed to provide clarity on where your money is currently entering and exiting your financial system. It also provides an opportunity to identify your goals, and take a look at how cash flow can assist you in getting to them.


Start building your personal wealth the right way...

Using time tested tools and techniques.

Sometimes all you need is a gentle nudge in the right direction. Bloom Your Money is that gentle nudge. Join Thomas as he walks through his journey from family bankruptcy, to the starving artist, to becoming a licensed stock and bond trader.

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