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BloomTools – Free financial tools, because what gets measured gets managed!

If you want to achieve a financial goal or build wealth, there is work to be done.

You probably don’t need to go hire a bookkeeper tomorrow, but you can certainly can make use of the following simple tools:

TheBloomBalance Sheet will assist you in creating a snapshot of where you are right now; the balance sheet is all about your financial inventory. This can be updated annually so you can track your progress.
There is a reason why all business owners and corporations do this –it works!


Here you will check off what financial services you are currently using. Write down any fixed costs or fees associated with those services, and indicate if there are any discounts or bonuses for specific minimum balances.

This workbook is truly the first step towards understanding your cash flow. The questions are designed to provide clarity on where your money is currently entering and exiting your financial system. It also provides an opportunity to identify your goals, and take a look at how cash flow can assist you in getting to them.

Bloom Recommended Tools 

Our top-ranked wireless lavalier mic for all of your live workshops, webinars, and presentations.
This is a fantastic Podcast Mic and does require an XLR plug-in. On-off switch on the mic and extremely durable.
This is a handy dandy portable recorder and mixer. Link all of your mics into one or connect your XLR mics to your computer with USB. Record your face to face podcasts with excellent quality. This allows you to plug in 2 microphones. I have the 6 track but this will do the job perfectly. Requires a SIM card for recording to the device.