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Bring profitability to your company. We are business profit experts ready to show you the way to permanent profitability.

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Imagine your values and your spending aligned. We will partner with you in creating a strategy to reach your financial dreams. We are cash flow experts.



At Bloom Strategies we create financial solutions and are committed to ALL people achieving sustainable, intergenerational, values-based wealth. We are money experts.



Thomas DeSchutter

CEO & Founder

Helping people create financial security and harmony for themselves is a great privilege and one I do not take likely.

I am proud of the life each client has created for themselves through timely advice, efficient strategies, knowledge, and expertise.

Do not leave your money to chance, give every dollar a purpose.


— Matt S.

"Bloom Strategies has been instrumental for my wife and I to gain the financial freedom that we want.


They set up an amazing plan for us to eliminate debts with greater detail. I cannot recommend them enough.


Thomas and the Team has literally changed the way we understand cash flow and becoming financially free!"